Case Study : Organizational Culture Change

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Research Paper Organizational Culture Change Anthony L. Dellinger Florida Institute of Technology Table of Contents Introduction 3 Organization Overview 3 Organization Evaluation 4 Findings 5 Responses 5 Research 7 Conclusion 8 Recommendations 8 Introduction As a consultant hired to evaluate organizational leadership within this government agency, I have identified the leading cause of the dysfunction within this organization. This paper explores a lingering problem that has impacted this organization’s productivity and effectiveness. The problem has been identified as a negative culture situation. This paper will explore and identify issues within this organization that have created a negative culture…show more content…
Organization Evaluation There are a total of five units within this organization. Information Security Office Unit (ISOU), Technology Services Unit (TSU), Enterprise Application Unit (EAU), Converged Communications Unit (CCU), and Chief Data Officer Unit (CDOU). • Information Security Office Unit (ISOU) – The Information Security Office Unit is responsible for maintaining the computer networks data security. Core services include governance, Risk Assessment, Compliance, Security Monitoring, and Incident Response. • Technology Services Unit (TSU) - The Technology Services Unit provides management for email, desktop support, active directory and enterprise systems. • Enterprise Applications Unit (EAU) - The Enterprise Applications Unit is responsible for the development of information systems and provides the resources needed to enable the public to interact with their government. • Converged Communications Unit (CCU)- The Converged Communications Unit is responsible for providing the network which includes voice, data, radio, video and wireless systems . Findings There are approximately 200 employees per unit, I interviewed an average of twenty employees per unit. Employees interviewed were a combination of supervisors, subordinates, and managers. Questions asked: 1) How would describe your organizations culture? 2) If you were to make changes, what changes would you make? 3) How would describe your organizations structure? 4) What would you
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