Case Study Over Conflict with Review Techniques

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In the scenario a company brings a new engineer on board who is smart, works hard, and knows how to perform their job. Even though the new engineer has all these qualities, the company’s employee review techniques left him angry and believing that he was irreplaceable. I think that there are some concerns that face their evaluation methods and they need to be reevaluated. The first concern is that the company is providing a mediocre and basic review for the new engineer. A basic review should only be reserved for employees who do not have as many duties and responsibilities as the engineer. The engineer may lower their respect for the management of this company due to the type of performance review they are receiving. This lack of respect may lead the engineer to criticize the management and ask if they are even qualified to hand out any type of review. The second concern is that management should be using the 360 evaluation method to review the engineer. The engineer has a great effect on the company such as the finished products the company produces. Since the engineer has an input on the quality of product being produced, the company should not only get feedback from the employees but from customers as well. The current review process is mediocre at best compared to the job requirements the engineer needs to perform.
The third concern deals with the manager’s ability to perform the reviews. Is the manager able to proficiently hand out performance reviews without being
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