Case Study : Owning A Franchise

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Owning a Franchise In this report I will be talking about how to open a LaRosa’s pizza restaurant franchise. There are many requirements that you have to fulfill to qualify for the franchise. There are 8 steps to open a franchise with them. In the restaurant business, somebody is always trying to franchise "the next big thing.” No doubt you 've seen dozens of them come and go. Doesn’t it make more sense to find a stable and rewarding business concept with a strong track record? (LaRosa 's, franchise). These are the reasons they thought why they should become a franchise. They also think since that since they have been doing been doing well for over 60 years they thought they might just as well allow franchising and broaden their area…show more content…
This is one of the keys to surviving for nearly six decades. (LaRosa 's, why LaRosa 's ) They also have superior training. They stand by your side throughout the entire franchise process, from initial contact all the way up to your grand opening. Their management and Team Member training crew are second to none, and they draw upon their years of experience to assure your efforts are successful. (LaRosa 's, why LaRosa 's ) LaRosa’s wants to partner with the best people in each market they serve by hiring professionals with a proven track record who are serious about the restaurant business. You’re Business Experience & Skills • Any combination of the following business experience: 1) a minimum of three years in a professional career 2) experience owning your own successful business or 3) four years’ experience as a restaurant General Manager. • A substantial familiarity with consumer preferences, real estate, and government, regulations, labor, and distribution issues in the market proposed for development. • A sound reputation, integrity, and similar business values as LaRosa 's. • An infrastructure dedicated to the development of not only the franchise, but the LaRosa 's brand. • Demonstrate a passion for LaRosa 's philosophy and products, ideally with a desire to own multiple locations. • Commitment to excellence in order to successfully execute LaRosa 's pizzeria
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