Case Study : Oxley Metals Limited

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1. Overview of allocated company
Company Name
Centrex Metals Limited (CXM)
Ranking in ASX
Location of the business headquarters
L 11 147 Pirie St
Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Size of the company (market capitalization)
Market capitalization is calculated by the shares outstanding times share price, indicating the total market value of company equity.
Number of employees
Number of branches/stores
There are mainly four projects: Oxley Potash Project(WA), Goulburn Polymetallic Project (NSW), Gundaroo Gold Project(NSW), and South Australia Iron Ore Portfolio which includes Wilgerup Hematite Iron Ore Project, Port Spencer Joint Venture, Eyre Iron Magnetite Joint Venture and Bungalow Magnetite Joint Venture.

Business/industries it is involved in
Centrex Metals Limited is a public iron ore mining company, which was found in 2001. This Australian company specializing in iron ore mining and exploration, which has its own operation and tenement holdings over iron ore resources. Their targeted iron ore resources are mainly in Eyre Peninsula located in south of Gawler Craton, South Australia; and they have been expanding their projects over Australia that are classified as Potash, Base metals and Gold exploration. They have been cooperating globally to expand their business. Centrex Metal Limited has been switching their business goal from iron ore over-exploration to diversify their products in order to lower its portfolio risks and their business…

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