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THE EUROPEAN TOUR OPERATORS CASE Table of contents Contents 1 PESTEL Analysis 4 1.1 Political Factors 4 1.2 Economic factors 4 1.3 Social Factors 5 1.4 Technological factors 5 1.5 Environmental Factors 5 1.6 Legal Factors 6 2 Porter’s Five Forces 6 2.1 Force.1 Threats of New entrants 6 2.2 Force.2 Threat of substitute products or services 6 2.3 Force.3 Bargaining power of buyers (Customers) 7 2.4 Force.4 Bargaining power of suppliers 7 2.5 Force.5 Intensity of competitive rivalry 7 The competitive rivalry . 7 3 Industry Life-Cycle 7 3.1 Introduction 7 3.2 Growth 7 3.3 Maturity 8 3.4 Decline 8 Executive Summary The Europe is renowned for its tourism sector and the attractions,…show more content…
However, the hostile factors of the Europe also discourage sometimes many tourists to travel some region of the Europe. The European concerned authorities of the tourism industry are also aware about the sustainable preservation of the environment. All the tourism policies, plans and programs of the Europe are the environmentally friendly. However, for the excessive snowfall, cold and adverse impact of the environment the tourism industry of the Europe and the tour and travel operators industry face some challenges for the business operation (Allen, 1985). Legal Factors The legal facts do refer to the legislation, rules, regulation and restrictions enforced by the concerned authority or by the government for the preservation and the development of the tourism industry of the Europe. The tour operators of the Europe have to go thorough and maintain the regulation of the legal factors that are imposed to them. The ways the tour operators can do their business are explained in the statement of the legal factors of that. Porter’s Five Forces The poters five forces model are the design, examples, and reflection of the market of the industry. It expresses the real scenario, condition and business operation of the market. The poters five forces model are the important indication for the business that are explained in the following Force.1 Threats of New entrants The threats of the new entrants in the travel operators' business

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