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I knew this was a risky experiment where I could possibly get beat up by random females or someone calling the cops on me and file a harassment complaint. Therefore, I thought about a location where I can get kicked out the environment. The winter park library was the perfect location for my experiment. I went there on Saturday morning where it is more active and crowded. After the plan and location was put in place, I decided to burn bridges with a lot of unknown females. I randomly pull the first woman aside, and set down a scale and say "How much do you think you weigh? Step on the scale please." Everyone around her just looked at me with surprise and where waiting on her reaction. She just simply smiles and say no thank you! I…show more content…
Just because they have learnt to take it in a constructive way, it does not mean that it is normal for others to do the same. We are not fond of criticism, but then again, we are open to the ideas that appear from within. In other words, if a person realizes that there is a need to improve in a certain aspect of their life, and more likely to work on it but if told bluntly, the person may not be so receptive to the same idea. So, if you actually want to help a friend and are not just criticizing for the sake of criticism, be indirect, and subtle in your comments. I don't think it is suitable for people to be ridiculed or judged for their physical appearances. The reason it's not socially acceptable to call a woman overweight is for the reason that that would offended most women's feelings, and, in many cultures, there's a taboo against hurting someone’s emotional state. Society put in place a protocol to help people avoid doing that by turning it to a deviant behavior. A person caught violating this social norm maybe considered a bully. It's impossible not to notice when somebody is overweight but to just reduce them down to the level of being an overweight individual only is mean, but also is cruel. We must not call any woman fat, even if she is fat because it's always well to flatter people to get your work done rather than judge them when you have skeletons in your closet (everybody does). People use the word "fat" to

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