Case Study Essay

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Case Study
The Case will focus on issues related to the cultural aspect of international business; sustainable business practices including CSR issues; foreign investment; and the benefits of regional integration for the countries within, and companies doing business in, that region. The case study analysis will be completed on an individual basis.
THE CASE: Kaizer Consulting
Kaizer Consulting is an international management consulting firm that specializes in business strategy and serves as a key advisor to the world’s leading companies. It provides its clients with the unique insight to drive critical decision making and solve their most pressing problems.
Every year, the majority of Kaizer’s business comes from
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The Client thought it could proceed on that basis with its usual market entry strategy, but wanted to obtain Kaiser’s opinions on this before proceeding. Kaizer’s Approach:
Based on extensive research about the market generally, but specifically with individuals, focus groups, cultural experts, CSR and legal experts, suppliers, industry experts, vendors, and employees of companies in similar situations, Kaizer realized that: * The Client’s competitor had committed a number of culturally-based mistakes, primarily with respect to age and gender issues and local social taboos. Although these were not disastrous, the mistakes were covered in the media and had created the general impression that the competitor didn’t really care about the target market’s traditional cultural values, beliefs, customs and norms. * The Client’s competitor had selected the target market in part because of lax enforcement of environmental protection laws and government corruption. Social media and the mass media soon discovered how the competitor was conducting business in the target market. Subsequently, the competitor had to perform substantial damage control to protect its international reputation of being socially-responsible. The competitor is currently facing legal action in Canada and the US for its alleged corrupt business practices. * The Client’s competitor’s key business advantage was actually based on long-term production contracts; in effect, the

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