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Assessment 2 of Managing Under Uncertainty (GSBS 6001) Individual Reflective Journal (Week 5-due on 26.06.2016). Topic: “Ethics in Management Decision.”-Ethical Decision Making. Done By Student Name: Khalid Bin Hossain Student ID# c3267875. Done For Lecturer: Nimay K. As we have to write an annotated bibliography on the topic “Ethics in management decision”, I along with my other group members (Poonam and Hilda) arranged a successful group meeting for week 5. On this meeting, we discussed about the topic that we have selected. We have decided to have a meeting at least once a week at the university library group discussion room and also decided to communicate with each other regularly by our cellular phone and with…show more content…
Firm size is a feature that seems substantial in the analysis. It suggests that the cost and complexity of running the deficiency test affect manager’s resolutions. The macroeconomic environment impacts opportunistic and unethical behaviours (Giner & Pardo, 2014). Managing ethics across nations can offer special problems for companies operating internationally. The variances among education and training might be essential in order to differentiate between the professional and organizational socialization. The professional and organizational socialization effect the work-norms which form ethical awareness. However, the impact of education and training on such socialization seems to be unknown. Managers or the decision makers also needs to understand the ethical implications ascending from the introduction of new technology and new methods of conducting and handling personal selling. Developments in electronic information storage and communication systems are instances of new technologies in sales force automation which carry the whole firm and the sales force to the client on a one-to-one basis. Such tools deliver statistics about the clients, competitors, sales force, selling activity, inventory and products such a way not practiced before (McClaren, 2012). Reference

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