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Global Knowledge Management at Danone (A)

1. What are the most important knowledge-management challenges faced by Danone? As one of the top worldwide top company, Danone greatest challenges encountered in the implementation of knowledge-management employees that scattered in 120 countries, and therefore they faced the following three problems: 1. Making operational information to their employees around the world. 2. A tension between a more efficient top-down approach and local managers’ desire for autonomy. 3. The role of information technology in managing knowledge Local Markets There is a managing director as a decision-maker who is in charge of an activity in a country. However, headquarters could
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This way, their personal networks to each other can be more intimate and solving their own problems easier with other employees’ assistance. 3. What should Franck Mougin and Benedikt Benenati do next? First, I would recommend them to create an alternative technology. This way, if some failures happen to the networking, they would have the back up and will be fixing by better technology. On the other hand to build this new technology will cost a lot of money because they need to make research, planning and development of this new technology. Secondly, they should reinforce the personal communication process of the company. This will cost them less but does not have a guarantee that it will not make any miscommunication in the company. Which of the three options they are considering (go wider, go deeper, go richer) do you recommend? Why? 1. Deeper (more employees) Advantage: to enrich the knowledge-management system Disadvantage: Higher cost of labors 2. Wider (outside the company) Advantage: bridging over to partners, customers, consumers, and suppliers and also lower cost. Disadvantage: High risk because their competitors will make benefit as well. 3. Richer (for innovation) Advantage: New idea and new products Disadvantage: To much time they going to spend and they need manager to support the product development. I would prefer go richer, even though it will take a lot

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