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Winning Global Taste Buds: v Levendary Café v Hillary Tzeng v Table of Contents v Executive Brief 3 Decision Tree 4 Company Overview Product Mix & Global Presence Current Business Model Value Chain Competitive Advantages Growth Imperative 5 6 7 8 9 Country Analysis – China Economic Overview CAGE Analysis Target Consumers Institutional Voids 10 11 12 13 Industry Analysis – Multi-Unit Restaurants Porter’s Five Forces Market Attractiveness Industry Trends Competitor Analysis 14 15 16 17 Recommendations 18 v Executive Brief v To reap the profits derived from possessing a strong brand image, quality customer service, and consistent company practices…show more content…
Many stores offer slight, local menu adaptations. Global Presence Levendary Café currently has over 3,500 stores in the United States, 23 stores in China, and a partnership in Dubai. Its most immediate plans are to expand its store coverage in China to balance out its slowing U.S. growth. 5 v v Maximizing Profitability Potential Current Business Model Tight Control of store expenses & operations Increased need for employees’ operating tools & learning (OTL) Raised consumer demand Global scale Higher margins Speedy service & order accuracy New franchises Royalty fees Reinvest Branded grocery items Volume Profits Negotiation power with suppliers Diversified global portfolio Marketing programs New menu boards International expansion 6 v Coordinating Across All Operations v Value Chain Levendary Café’s operations touch upon the entire value chain of running a multi-unit restaurant. Its driving force for keeping the brand fresh originates in its R&D Concept group, while it maintains operating standards at its point-of-sale destination as part of the training enforced in Sales & Service. R&D - Concept group senses upcoming food trends - Maintains consistency with the slogan “Tasty Fresh

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