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Faculty of Education
Assignment 2
Case Study
Choose one case study and write an academic essay.

PART A = Identify the educational needs of the class/training group. Use these educational needs as the basis (headings) for outlining classroom practice, including strategies, in order to accommodate the diverse learning needs of the entire class/training group. Strategies are to be of a detailed, practical and realistic nature.
PART B = Name the Education Queensland (or relevant educational body) policies, frameworks, statements and directives that will have implications for this class/training group (include website address). Note how these policies will support your planning that you have written about in part A.
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Workers in the industry report that ways in showing a cultural understanding is to ask families to bring in family photos for display, to provide familiar words from their native language or invite them to talk about their culture or share a special dish are other possibilities. This will help ease the child into the classroom environment.
To support the child, strategies such as simplifying language, making instructions clear, breaking down the steps, providing multiple technology devices of communication and observations to recognise confidence could be used. Have classroom routines and consistent expectations to help the child understand what they are expected to do. Educators should ensure individual expectations are clear and understood by children to reduce frustration and barriers from being formed (Ashman & Elkins, 2012).
Social Skills
The second educational need is the inclusion of social skills. Educators have the responsibility to provide a welcoming and safe environment, where children feel accepted and part of a group. Through social interactions children can share knowledge and develop confident self-identities (DEEWR, 2009). Educators should identify each student’s positive characteristics then use them to establish an understanding of interests to keep them engaged. This helps move towards an inclusive environment. An inclusive classroom should provide a safe, flexible learning environment where all students have sufficient

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