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Case Study Report IBM’s Knowledge Management Proposal For The Ontario Ministry of Education Name: Nancy (Huinan) Li ID: 5000520 Email: Module 5 (Session 7) June 03, 2014 Executive Summary In the early 2000s, the Ontario Ministry of Education contracted IBM in order to find a solution to its poor knowledge management. As a result, Kathryn Everest, a knowledge management consultant at IBM Canada, developed three options that would be beneficial to the organization and possibly resolve the problems. The three alternatives included implementing document management, cultivating communities of practice and creation of an expert directory. After much time spent determining which option, or combination of…show more content…
Environmental & Root Cause International Business Machines (IBM) was founded in New York in 1911 through the merger of three smaller companies and has come to be one of the most profitable and internationally recognized as Provider of Technology Products, Services and Management Consulting. In 1999, IBM created its Knowledge and Organizational Forum, in which both private and public sector organizations come together in order to discuss and “conduct pragmatic research on the growing scope and impact of knowledge-related initiatives”. The Ontario Ministry of Education (EDU) is divided into divisions, branches and different units. Due to the nature of their operating procedures the employees were experiencing constant changes in tasks, job positions and reporting relationships. There is a need for the employees to feel as one and function as a ministry with modest limitations. However, the much of the ministries’ knowledge was tacit due to employees referred to others for information sourcing. The documented knowledge was difficult to locate and share because employees were not confident in documented knowledge and key personnel contacts. There were also significant cultural issues that inhibited knowledge sharing and EDU has a weak knowledge-sharing infrastructure. Managers could not readily identify experts in relevant fields and loss of knowledge happened due to turnover. Furthermore, same documents stored on multiple computer hard drives and

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