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Que: 1:- Outline and assess TWO communication theories/models, which would help meet the communication requirements at the Government Disability Workshop.

Ans: - Communication theories are best way to know human behavior. In other words communication theories explains systematic way about the nature of the communication process, certainly, And theories can do more better than summarize. Other functions of theories are to focus attention on particular concepts, clarify observations, predict communication behavior, and generate personal and social change .Amongst the various theories of communication, diffusion and agenda setting theory would help meet the communication requirements at the GDW. The diffusion of innovations, also called
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Ralph Ocker communication planned changes brings a new era of business behavior to the GDW. His strategy is quite similar to Diffusion theory in which changes are adopted or rejected the all stages.

3. Listening, being one of the processes of perception, involves the four stages of the perception process. Identify the FOUR stages of the perception process and critically assess Ralph Ocker’s listening process and techniques. (LO 2) (6 Marks)
Ans 3:- Perception is a process, by which we study the world around us, world that consist persons, objects and its experiences. Perception is unique to each person, two people cannot experience the world exactly the same at a time. Perception process occurs in four stages, namely- 1)Selection

2) Interpreting 3) Organizing 4) RETRIEVING
Ralph Ocker’s listening process and techniques involved all of the above listed processes, going through them one by one.
Selection: - In this stage Ralph Ocker took two weeks in order to know and understand the organization and the staff.
Interpreting: - In the third stage Ralph Ocker interpreted the changes he was about to bring. In this stage he added meaning to the points he had brought in front of the staff by sending a mail which had a detailed account of proposed changes.
Organizing :- After knowing the way the organization behaved Ralph Ocker then organized how and what has to be done,
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