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Running head: CASE APPLICATION 1

Case Application 1
Kasey Speer
Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University

Case Application 1: More Than a Good Story As the top managers of their company, there are many issues that Bert and John must deal with. New issues arise on a daily basis when managing any organization. However, I believe that Bert and John have already encountered and dealt with the issues that were a threat to the company’s success. Such issues may have included; the business outgrowing its staff, developing a system which best fit the company’s needs, and also implementing a system the company will not outgrow. At the beginning stages of the company I believe the most important management function would have been planning.
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The reason being, that many organizations do not have the luxury of projecting such a carefree work environment, because their mission requires a more serious approach. The company’s motto “Do what you like. Like what you do” might affect how managers manage because the message itself is uplifting. This motto encourages employees to get involved with the company on a more personal level. I believe that this motto and the overall vibe of Bert and John’s company has a lot to do with its success. I have never worked in a company where the top concern was if I enjoyed my job, but I sure would like to one day. If I were a consultant hired to take this company forward, my first suggestion would be to keep the company motto and carefree message the company currently has. I’m sure that Bert and John would agree. As Bert stated in an interview with Allister & Paine magazine, “From a business standpoint it’s extremely effective because there’s a magnetic emotional connection to those three simple words and it’s something that all of culture is starving for” (Allister & Paine, 2011). My second suggestion would be to participate in social networking. Bert and John seem to have a mindset of staying true to the individuals they were when they lived in their van and sole tee shirts on
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