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GSBS6002 Foundations of Business Analysis Trimester 2, 2016 Assignment 2 Weight: 35% Total Marks: 100 Due time and date: 23.59AEST, Sunday, 31 July, 2016 Submission instructions: 1. Maximum word length: 3000 words (excluding references, tables and figures). 2. Submit a soft copy in Word format via Turnitin (with an assignment cover sheet). 3. Assignments submitted by other means (e.g. email) or forms (scanned copy, Excel document) will attract no marks. Late submissions: The mark for an assessment item submitted after the designated time on the due date, without an approved extension of time, will be reduced by 10% of the possible maximum mark for that assessment item for each day or part day that the assessment item is…show more content…
Management is interested to know which of these strategies is considered the most effective by Computers R Us customers. A member of your team has already collected data that can be used for this analysis. To collect this data, a simple random sample of 500 customers was selected. Of the 500 customers to whom surveys were sent, 420 responded. The survey used to collect this data is provided below and the survey responses have been collated in the CompleteCare.xls Excel file. You are required to write a report after performing an analysis on the data collected from the customers of Computers R Us. A member of your team has suggested that, when you perform this analysis, you should undertake a series of hypothesis tests to examine the following: 1. Does the current level of customer satisfaction differ from management’s goal of 7 out of 10? 2. Is there any difference between the satisfaction of male and female customers with the level of communication with staff and management at Computers R Us? 3. Are there any differences in the overall customer satisfaction across the following age groups: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5? 4. Is there any difference in customer satisfaction between responses to the initiatives of ‘decreasing response times in the CompleteCare division’ and ‘the loyalty rewards program at Computers R Us’? 5. Do any of

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