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WHEN NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED: THE CASE OF THE MISPRINTED PHONE NUMBER Diane Bandow, Troy University Global Campus, Atlanta, GA Tish Matuszek, Troy University Montgomery Campus, Montgomery, AL Michael Anderson, Atlanta, GA ABSTRACT Mark volunteered to help with the community arts festival; he was supporting the not-for-profit organization as he had in the past. However, he did not know his good intentions as a volunteer would cost him his job as an assistant manager. The retail store’s phone number was printed in the festival advertising in error and ticket requests overloaded the phone lines, causing loss of business and annoyed the store manager. As a result, Mark was seen as the cause of the problems and terminated.…show more content…
One of the assignments he thinks that he will enjoy the most is working as a member of the core committee which organizes and runs the yearly community festival for the neighborhood. Because of his experience with community events, Mark has been placed in charge of logistics coordination, planning, security, and public safety. While this appears to be an extensive workload, Mark has a great deal of previous experience and understands the tasks that need to be completed. Because the planning for the festival started a year in advance, he knows that as the festival grows closer there will be additional volunteers to assist him, so he will not be individually responsible for each one of these areas; for now, the workload is sufficient for one person. The Community Festival The community festival is a nonprofit organization that has a tax exempt status as well as a history of over 20 years. The organization and the event are run by a board of directors and a small, permanent staff composed of no more than five employees at any given time. The goal of the festival is to promote local arts and crafts and to support local artists by providing a venue through which they can sell their work, advertise their work, and develop and expand their customer base. Because the festival has been held for many years, it is well-known in the

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