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MGMT 122 Organizational Behavior By: Nicole Billoy, Karl Driver, Cory Exelby, & Kelsey Pilon SM05 10/29/2013 Joanne Christie Team Case Study Assignment Synopsis: Doug Aiken took over Tech Depot and replaced the symbolic leader who founded the company, when Aiken took charge he immediately introduced a new management plan, measuring everything from sales of products to employees. He saw himself as the omnipotent leader (mgt p39) Sales dropped after two years and everything Aiken was working for diminished. He did not gets the results that were expected by the company. Many of the staff expressed dissatisfaction with their jobs The board decided they were in need of a new CEO, so they hired…show more content…
Full-time cut for more part-time – taking away more full-time and providing more part-time so that the employees have to work less hours to have more for their outside of work lives. Lack of overall direction with multiple CEO’s- Over time the CEO of tech depot didn’t know what to do. From so many changes to the company it causes the employees to get out for hand and we threating to quit. Francoli was going to change that introducing the OME to the different part of the company to see how it will do in the different departments and what they can change about it to make it more effective to tech depot. Poor communication between management – when the management didn’t communication with their employees it cause then to have low motivation, low loyalty, and high turnover because most of the employees didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Poor work life balance for gen. y – When gen. y can’t work due to their social life outside of work. The gen. y wanted more flexible working hours instead of wanting to only have to work full-time. Francoli gave them the solution to pick between two option which where 1) was to work longer hours four days a week and have the Friday off or 2) employees get to choose when they want to work put to only 8 hours a day. Expressed dissatisfaction – p101 Exit, voice, loyalty, neglect Main Issue

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