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Bezos's employers were not prepared to proceed with that kind of venture, and Bezos knew the only way to seize the opportunity was to go into business for himself. It would mean sacrificing a secure position in New York, but he and his wife, Mackenzie, decided to make the start. Bezos in texas Jeff and Mackenzie flew to Texas on Independence Day weekend and picked up a 1988 Chevy Blazer (a gift from Mike Bezos) to make the drive to Seattle, where they would have ready access to the book wholesaler Ingram, and to the pool of computer talent Jeff would need for his enterprise. Mackenzie drove while Jeff typed a business plan. The company would be called Amazon, for the seemingly endless South American river with its…show more content…
The success of Amazon has allowed Bezos to explore his lifelong interest in space travel. In 2004, he founded an aerospace company, Blue Origin, to develop new technology for spaceflight, with the ultimate goal of establishing an enduring human presence beyond the Earth. In its mission statement, Blue Origin identifies its ultimate goal as the establishment of an enduring human presence in outer space. As exciting as that prospect may be, Jeff Bezos has had more terrestrial innovations on his mind as well. In 2007, Amazon introduced a handheld electronic reading device --- the Kindle. The device used "E Ink" technology to give text in a print-like appearance, without the eyestrain associated with television and computer screens. The font size was adjustable for ease in reading, and unlike earlier electronic reading devices, the Kindle incorporated wireless internet connectivity, enabling the reader to purchase, download and read complete books and other documents anywhere, anytime. Hundreds of books can be stored on the Kindle at a time. Many classics can be downloaded free of charge; all new titles were initially priced at $9.99. In the year the Kindle was introduced, Amazon's sales increased by 38 percent, and its profits more than doubled. In 2010, Amazon signed a deal with The Wylie Agency, in which Wylie gave Amazon the digital rights to the works of many of the authors it represents, bypassing the original

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