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CASE 1.1
Simpson Machine Tool Company: Sales Management Seminar
1. Based on the brief conversation between Jerry Kline, Grace Gallo, and Paul Swenson, what kind of sales manager do you think each of them is? What do you think is the level of performance of the sales force each person heads? How do you think each of them will benefit from the sales force each person heads? How do you think each of them will benefit from the sales mananagement training seminar?
Jerry Kline is a kind of sales manager who aims to sell products and make sales quotas. He believes that developing long-term customer relationships and internal company support distract sales people. Thus, his sales force is not effective to make sales. He needs to work
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It also possible to choose from the company's sales people. This could be more appropriate because the company has the record of its sales people to use as performance references.
Basically, the specific criteria for selecting new sales managers must be effective leaders and motivators of peple, coordinated with other functional areas, and dedicated with his job.

1. Jerry and grace are the tyrant kind of sales manager because they sticks to the facts about money, continually pushing salespeople with their quotas. while Paul on the other hand is an evolving kind of sales manager who seeks new ways to build sales and experiment with techniques to motivate the sales force. The sales force performance of Jerry,grace and Paul's team is quite not good because they are only focusing on the short term customer and not building a long one each of them can benefit by being more knowledgeable about their job. also they can acquire a better sales if they take good care of their long term customer.

2.i would based it on their performance and the criteria i established.he should be a good listener,a great leader and a good problem solver. i can determine it based on his records in the company and on his performance.

1. Jerry Kline and Grace Gallo are too eager in getting customers and reaching their quotas without thinking what would be its effect to the company. They focus more on money instead of having a good

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