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Premarital & Marital Counseling David Cook Liberty University December 06, 2014 Case study PREPARE/ENRICH Steve and Cindy When a couple agrees to counseling to help their marriage, one of the first things sought after would be to resolve differences that are weighing heavy on the marriage. In this case, Steve and Cindy have started on a journey through taking the PREPARE/ENRICH program. The tests and answers are detailed to the couples characteristics and personalities and cover the couples strengths and weaknesses. This case study analysis will separate the case into three main topics of discussion. Their strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted first then potential conflicts or problems will be discussed and finally a…show more content…
The potential for growth in these categories could point out the underlying cause for many of the other problems that are present. The category of communication was answered by Steve and Cindy much differently. Their answers did not compliment rather they contradicted each other. The couple agreed that they both were good listeners and they trusted each other but could not always talk to each other because of negative feelings. They also express concern in the inability to express their needs to each other. True feelings are difficult to be expressed because of the lack of understanding. Neither one is satisfied with how they communicate with each other. One barrier to help them overcome and move forward would be to make a decision on how they are satisfied or not and recognize the barriers that are keeping them from communicating. There is some skewed information in the category of conflict resolution. Their answers and the information seem to show the couple in in a cycle that goes on being unresolved. The answers Steve gives shows that he may not value the magnitude of the problems and even set aside some of Cindy’s problems because he feels they do well in conflict management. Cindy’s feelings indicate that she may just give in and allow Steve to think that there is conflict resolution to avoid an argument. According to the report, Cindy relates that she can share her feelings with Steve and she feels the he understands, but Steve on the
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