Case Study - Panic Disorder Essay

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Case Study Report

What diagnosis has been given to this client?

Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Background Information

Please outline the major symptoms of this disorder.

According to the DSM, the major symptoms of Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia are, recurrent panic attacks and enduring anxiety about experiencing another panic attack. The individual is also anxious about going places where escape might be difficult or embarrassing, or where they will be unable to receive assistance in case of emergency. The symptoms cannot be better explained by another medical or psychological effect.

Briefly describe the client’s background (age, race, occupation etc).

The client is named Annie, and she is a 24 year-old
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Annie makes it very clear in her interview, that she is afraid of having panic attack in public. She says she is not so much afraid of feeling overcome with anxiety, as she is embarrassed about how her body reacts when undergoing a panic attack. Annie states that most of her panic attacks occur as a result of her imagining how embarrassing it will be if she has a panic attack in public—she loses control of her bladder, she will run out of the situation, and most often hide in the bathroom. Annie states that the Agoraphobia is a result of her overthinking how people view her. Throughout the interview, Annie often demonstrates how she thinks others view her—“why did she just run out” or “she is crazy”. During the interview, it becomes clear that Annie is mainly afraid of judgment by other people. In her interview, Annie mentions that feelings of being trapped also cause her anxiety. She recurs a time when she was invited to a party. Annie explains that while she may want to go to a party, she has to surround herself with people who understand her condition, and will understand if on the way to the party, has to turn around because she may not feel like she will be able to handle talking and socializing with people. Annie further explains, by describing a situation in which, hypothetically, if a person Annie was taking to a party is not okay with turning around, or leaving a party early, then Annie would feel trapped which would then most likely lead to a panic

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