Case Study : Patagonia, Inc.

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Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing company based in Ventura, California. It was founded by Yvon Chouinard, originally as a small company called Chouinard Equipment that made climbing tools and gear. It now focuses on manufacturing durable top of the line outdoor based apparel for those who enjoy being outdoors as well as general apparel. The change from manufacturing climbing equipment to producing outdoor apparel was due to the environmental concerns of Mr. Chouinard. The equipment that was being created was then being used by rock climbers who were unintentionally damaging the rocks. This concern for the environment will continue to be implemented and communicated throughout Patagonia, Inc. A good example of this is seen in their…show more content…
Due to the complexity of their supply chain, supply chain management has become a very important tool for Patagonia. Supply chain management requires managing the flow of information through the supply chain in order to attain the level of synchronization that will make it more responsive to customer needs while lowering costs (Russell & Taylor 424). Patagonia constantly uses supply chain management throughout its supply chain to not only achieve better synchronization throughout the production process but also as a way to effectively ensure that those involved in the supply chain are being treated in an ethical manner. One way Patagonia manages their supply chain is through its Supplier Workplace Code of Conduct. Adhering to the code is not optional, applies to the whole supply chain, and subjugates suppliers to announced and unannounced assessments to ensure compliance. Patagonia’s code of conduct is in place to ensure the ethical treatment of all individuals and animals that are involved in their supply chain. The code also provides a guide to make sure suppliers are limiting their impact on the environment and suggests that they become involved in their local community. Their goal is to help suppliers improve on issues mentioned above, and to help their suppliers understand how to move from basic to leadership

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