Case Study : Pepsi Co And Coca Cola

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For this research project I will provide a company description. I will also describe the company leadership/followership, opportunities and challenges the company faced. Company description Before I provide any information about the founder, corporate head quarter, location of headquarter and major offices the most important is the name how did Pepsi-co and coca cola got its name? Pepsi-co Davis Bradham was born in North Carolina, on May 27, 1867. After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Bradham pursue a degree in the medical field in the University of Maryland. Unfortunately because of a family crisis Davis drop out college and returned to his hometown in North Carolina. Shortly after returning, Davis opened a drug store which would later become the birthplace of Pepsi Cola. After experimenting with ingredients, In 1893, Davis created a soft drink called “Brad’s Drink” made from water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, sugar and other natural ingredients. After 5 years, Davis retitle his drink “Pepsi –cola.” He believed is a healthy beverage that helps people digestive system. As the sales increase, Davis decided to offer Pepsi Cola in bottles. The demand for Pepsi-Cola increase immensely that by 1904 the company reached almost 20,000 gallons sales and by 1910 there were approximately 240 franchises in 24 states. However, due to the sugar increase during world war1 Pepsi cola wasn’t able to produce enough syrup to meet the demands for consumers. By 1923

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