Case Study: Pho 24 Vietnam

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This capital acquisition explanation argued that organizations were forced to resort to franchising because it allowed them to expand quickly without having to source scarce external financial resources or to relinquish control as in a joint venture or stock market operation (Caves & Murphy, 1976). Thus, over time, it was expected that franchisers would repurchase or take over the (best) franchised units in the system and eventually become fully company owned (Oxenfeldt & Kelly, 1969). However, research into this phenomenon has produced mixed results in the United States (for example, Hunt, 1973; Brickley & Dark, 1987; Lafontaine, 1992). Moreover, it has been found that where ownership redirection occurs it is ‘‘more strategy driven than opportunistic’’ (Dant, Kauffman, & Robicheaux, 1998, p. i). Indeed, Blair and Lafontaine (2005) comment that ‘‘most franchise chains are hybrids: partially vertically integrated and partially franchised’’ (p. 107). In contrast, while some large fast food chains (such as McDonald’s) strategically ensure a mix of franchised and company-owned units, most franchise systems in Australia are almost fully franchised (Frazer, Weaven, & Wright, 2008). Hence, different franchising models are employed around the world, and there is no ‘‘one-size-fits-all’’ approach. An alternative explanation of franchising, first put forward by Rubin (1978), focuses

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