Case Study: Pho 24 Vietnam

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Very little is known about Asian franchising brands. It seems that the penetration of franchising is more limited in Asia, though the reasons for this are unclear. Additionally, little is known about the extent to which Asian franchise brands have primarily used Western approaches to franchise brand management or whether these systems have been adapted to suit the Asian context. The initial expectation was that some adaption of the franchise brand management system occurs in an Asian context, with the purpose of the article to more precisely analze the nature of this adaption. The objective of the current article is to tackle these two questions, namely to document the birth and development of Vietnam’s leading home-grown franchise brand, Pho24, and to analyze the extent of franchise brand management system adaption in an Asian context. That is, the article investigates Vietnam’s largest franchise brand system, Pho24, the first major domestic franchising system developed and grown in Vietnam. Vietnam is touted as a potential next-wave Asian tiger, adding to the intrigue to find out the state-of-the-art franchising currently in that country. Franchise branding is a particularly useful

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