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The report analyses the factors behind Pixar Animation’s success from an organizational behaviour point of view. It is divided into two parts, the first part answers how motivational theories are applied in Pixar’s way of managing and how are they connected to its success. The application of these theories has been critically analysed in order to determine which theory best applies to the Pixar model and how does it lead to effective management of the workforce.
The second part answers the question about how empowerment plays a role in Pixar Animation’s success and how the creativity practices have led to employee empowerment in Pixar. It focuses on the empowerment practices that directly as well as indirectly empower
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Drive to bond is the drive to form social relationships and achieve a sense of belonging to a group. Drive to learn is the drive that leads a person tosatisfy his curiosity and understand the environment that he lives in. Drive to defend is the only reactive need and it is triggered when there is a need to protect oneself physically or socially (Lawrence & Nohria, 2002).
Pixar studios model carefully satisfies all these drives as Drive to acquire is satisfied by the constant achievements by the studio along with personal freedom that each employee is given, this freedom lets them have anything they want in their specific way unlike other organizations where an employee has to comply with the strict rules of the office, this means that they can take control of their surroundings. In order to satisfy the drive to learn Ed Catmull established Pixar University that train’s the employees in both technical and non-technical aspects of their job, due to a learning environment, the employees keep on learning and implementing new methodologies and techniques which keeps them motivated and interested in the job. Along with the University, Pixar has multiple recreational facilities which give the employees a chance to bond with each other and makes it easier for them to work in teams,which is very important in all the jobs thereby increasing the organizations’ efficiency.
Four-drive theory covers most of the model but in order to

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