Case Study : Planning Market Research

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Assessment Task 2: Project – Planning Market Research
Part 2: Plan Market Research

Prepared by:Nichapat
Point of Contact: Manager (Supervisor)
Executive Summary:
This marketing research will provide detailed insight to the higher management whether to go for a launch for men’s clothing or not and what are the reasons of consistent sales for last 2 quarters.

Research team will strive to answer below questions by gathering and analysing customer data

1. What are needs and behaviour of male and female customers in purchasing old brands in apparel?
2. In the tough competition of different oldand new brands what are the customer’s brand preferences both for male and female?
3. What are the
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Types of data How much data is needed
One-to-one Interviews 50 focus groups Minimum 5 Group (min- 25 participants) literature searches 10
Historical Statistics 5 mail surveys 100 (Questionnaire)
Surveys (Malls and public places) 100 (Questionnaire)
Observations 100 (direct observations)

Secondary research will be used in this market research but focus will be on primary research because statistical data which is available is either very old or doesn’t include all the current brands in the market.
Secondary data will be collected from following sources;
Online Articles: articles will be collected from onlinearchivesfor last 6 months.
Written Articles from Magazines:Following magazines will be accessed for articles;
Data will be collected of last 6 months only not older than that.
Business Advisors: research team has decided to contact business advisors for opinion or advice also. All the leading business advisors in the town were contacted and evaluated. Finally XY Business Advisors are selected to get advice or opinion from. This company has extensive advisory experience with more than a century’s experience of successful advisory services. Therefore the trust level is also very high.
Data Processing: Research team has decided to outsource the data processing service, as we don’t have data processing
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