Case Study Pleural Effusion

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Case Study Pleural effusion NSG/340 Sandra Gilderson, MSN/Ed, RN Case Study Diagnosis and admission A.B. admitting diagnosis pleural effusion, pulmonary infiltrates possible pneumonia based on the result of chest x-ray. Also the presenting signs and symptom provided information that can link to pleural effusion evidenced of his signs and symptoms Pleural effusion Is an abnormal collection of fluid in the pleural space, it is not a disease but an indication of a disease (Lavie et al, 2014). Difference between transudate and exudate “A transudate effusion occurs primarily in noninflammatory conditions and is an accumulation of protein-poor, cell-poor fluid” (Lavie et al, 2014, p. 549). The fluid is leaking into the pleural…show more content…
Consequences related to pleural effusion is the fluid located in the pleural cavity present as a space that is occupying mass, which causes a decrease in the lung expansion. The decrease of the lung expansion on that affected side is proportionate with the amount of fluid that is collected. This therefore results to hypoxia, dyspnea, and pleuritic pain (Saguil et al., 2014). Pulmonary infiltrates is an hypersensitivity reaction, lung infiltration, characterized by infiltration of the alveoli (bronchoalveolar), with eosinophilia and large mononuclear cells, edema, extensive infiltrates in the lung zones leading to inflammation of the lungs (Tzilas et al.,2009). From a pathophysiological perspective, the term infiltrate" refers to an abnormal substance that accumulates gradually within cells or body tissues or “any substance or type of cell that occurs within or spreads as through the interstitium and/or alveoli of the lung, that is foreign to the lung parenchyma, or that accumulates in greater than normal quantity within it. (Patterson et al., 2012). Consequences result in prolong illness that accompany fever, cough, dyspnea, weight loss, possible pus, severe tissue reaction as in certain drug allergies, pus, which can further lead to pneumonia that is
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