Case Study: Pray For Lodi Community Church

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Central District Pray for Lodi Community Church (Ohio), as they are seeking a new pastor for their congregation. Please pray with them as they seek God to direct them through the process. Painesville Hispanic Church (Ohio) is sponsoring a new parenting study. Pray for the Lord to work greatly and that He would guide pastor Alan Brown as he prepares for the classes. Pray also that the Lord would allow many to realize their need for a personal relationship with Christ. Pray for the growing partnership between Grace Church, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, and the church planting effort in Parma, a neighboring suburb. Pray that the Lord would provide workers and fruit from the harvest fields. Pray for the collaborative partnership that the Central District is moving into with the Ohio Valley District for Kingdom advancement and church multiplication in the great…show more content…
Caleb Deliard, association president, as he ministers to pastors and churches. Pray that he can plan a pastor’s retreat that will help strengthened marriages and families. North Central District Spanish Eastern District Pray for Jorge Cuevas, district superintendent, and his staff as they minister to pastors and churches throughout the United States. Western Pennsylvania District Please pray for healing for Mrs. Cheryl Grossoehme, district director of disciple making ministries. She fell down a flight of stairs which resulted in a concussion. She is still experiencing headaches. Mrs. Janeen Barrett, receptionist at the district office, had back surgery in March but has been dealing with constant infections and other complications. Recently, she has been transferred to an extended care facility for physical therapy. She is unable to get out of bed on her own due to the severe pain from the sciatic nerves. She is still being treated for the infection and will need to have antibiotics until the end of June. Please hold Janeen and her family up to the Lord in
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