Case Study : Preparing The Audit

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Preparing the Audit – Here, the auditor prepares a detailed audit plan, taking into consideration all relevant facts and records regarding the Company or ship, whichever the case may be. Ideally, the plan should incorporate the Company’s/Ship’s management, so as to enhance communication and mitigate discrepancy. To effectively use resources and available information, the plan should be produced fair flexibility to include:
 The language of the audit
 The place and date of audit
 Schedule of meetings to be held with Company/Ship management
 Identification of Organisations and Individuals holding ISM/SMS responsibilities.
 Identification of Auditor(s).
Executing the Audit – Upon arrival at the Company’s premise or on board the vessel, the auditor must first request for an opening meeting with the management or the master and other designated personnel to discuss the audit process. Following a formal introduction of the Auditor(s) to the Company or ship management, the rationale and objectives of the audit must be declared. A summary of the methods to be employed, followed by the official communication line must be established and unanimously agreed upon. During the audit, objective evidences can be collected both by interviews with personnel and observations of activities/conditions. Corrective actions on Non-Conformities from previous audits must be verified with the element 9 and 12 of the ISM Code.
Closing Meeting – Prior to completion of the audit, a closing
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