Case Study : Pressure Ulcer Prevention

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Pressure ulcer is an adverse outcome in the clinical care setting that also linked to poor quality of nursing care. Though pressure should never happen in a professional care setting, it is still prevalent throughout the world’s medical settings. This article looks at many other previous studies from 1992 to present to compare and find the underlying issues that may contribute to pressure ulcer. A closer look at the nurse’s knowledge versus actual decision will be observe, because it is the key factor in pressure ulcer prevention. This study evaluates the decision making of nurses in relation the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. There are many assessment tools create to help nurses assess the level of risk a patient have, and from there, they can create a plan of care in pressure ulcer prevention. This article includes many peer review studies to see the trend of nursing care in relation to skin care and pressure ulcer prevention. It looks at quality of assessment, implement, and plan of care before and after admission. The research look at novice nurses versus experienced nurses assessment and intervention to see if there is a different, and it is one of the factor that contribute to pressure ulcer statistics. The result concluded that there is a difference in comparing this two group of nurses. The study show that with experienced nurses, patient have less pressure ulcer and better skin care. The main reason for this is the assessment and
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