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Prince Sports, Inc.: Tennis Racquets
Fast changes in environmental market place such as social development (globalization and development of social networks), economic unsteadiness (crises), technological progress, fast growing competitive world and strict marketing regulatory directly affect work of most of marketing companies or marketing and brand image divisions of the companies. I order to implement a successful campaign or increase sale and consumer awareness companies have to stay in pace with recent marketing environment and take into consideration every possible detail that might help or ruin image of a company or product.
This case study will analyze marketing principle and vision in the context of Prince Sports,
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This new concept became essential after a meticulous work in gathering information about general consumer’s needs. Marketing team has reached out to a younger generation though different channels of social media and social network such as Facebook, be it Twitter, MySpace and then internationally, High Five and Orchid (Video Case 9) to understand what type of technological breakthrough will satisfy potential customers’ need. Prince Sports, Inc Marketing team work directly with R&D team to combine and collaborate marketing knowledge and technological ability. Together these two teams have created an evolutionary O3 technology with a 24 percent faster swing speed than traditional frames. The explanation of why their technology works better than other brands is pretty simple: “The secret is in the holes”. Like all world-changing innovations, O3 technology is based on an ingeniously simple idea. By replacing traditional pin sized string holes with massive O-ports, Prince Sports created a class of racquets that move through the air faster for increase power and greater control. (Tennis Express, Online Store, 2. Segmenting the tennis market: A new breakthrough technology allowed company the ability to divide a new product on three different lines: Performance, Recreational and Junior. This essential break down allowed targeting different consumer demographics by
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