Case Study : Principal Decision Makers

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Principal Decision Makers Several key decision makers are present in this case. The first of which is Susan Mayberry, VP of Student Affairs. Susan has been given the task of increasing the number of partnerships between faculty and the division of academic affairs. She has specifically been asked to find ways to improve the academic advising of students. This case study is written from the perspective of Susan. Leslie King, director of academic advising doesn 't know what to do and is frustrated about the current system and faculty involvement. John Clinton, Dean of Students, knows about the student survey and Leslie 's frustration because she reports to him. Sheila Jimenez, Director of Career Services, is also John Clinton’s subordinate. Sheila has proposed that Career Services join together or take over advising. Sheila has previous experience with this from her last school. John likes Sheila’s enthusiasm but is unsure about implementation. Christina Kowalski is an untenured faculty member who wants to do research around academic advising and how it relates to student retention and persistence. Leslie was unresponsive to Christina so now she is appealing to Susan to get approval so that she can write a grant proposal to obtain funding. John Anthony is the head of the Faculty Senate and wants to ensure that more work is not created for faculty and that faculty will have a voice in the advising discussion. Theories When looking at a rapidly changing student body and campus
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