Case Study: Problem Recognition: Massine Need A Car

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Case Study

Problem recognition: Massine needs a car. He found it difficult to make it to the bus on time, as well as he finds the bus to be not reliable and uncomfortable. Massine has to reach a transfer bus, so if the first bus is late he misses his transfer one and has to walk. He decides that it is time to purchase a car that is reliable and fits his financial budget between 4000-5000$

Information search: Once he decided he needed a car he had to do research to make sure he got the right one for him. First, he asked his roommate Natalie who had just recently bought a car where she purchased hers off of. She told him of a website called AutoTrader. Massine looked at that website and put in his desired traits for his car. He wasn’t
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Joe seemed trust worthy and the car had most the features Massine was looking for including comfortable enough leg room. Joe took Massine seriously, and trusted him to test drive the car without him there. Not to mention the car was the lowest priced one which he could use to cover any costs of the car throughout the year.

Psychological Influence: Massine’s motive for purchasing the car was due to the convenience of a car and not having to worry if the bus will show up on time. The bus ride usually took an hour, so by purchasing a car he could cut down the time it takes to get to school which might alleviate some stress.

Personal influence: Massine’s lifestyle of being a student and not having a large sum of money was a key influence on his purchase of a car. He knew that he couldn’t keep taking the bus, so he decided to save his money and purchase a used car in his budget range that would last a few years, long enough to get him through university.

Social Influence: Massine knew he was looking for a car in a certain price range with specific qualities. His roommate had just recently purchased a car, so Massine used her as part of his reference group. He also included his friend’s father who was savvy with vehicles to help him with his
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