Case Study: Problems at Perrier

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Problems at Perrier Nancy Wilcox Strayer University HRM 560 Professor Vanessa Graham February 17, 2013 Problems at Perrie This process of digitization accelerated the trend toward larger-scale commoditization, as goods that had once been considered luxuries became so cheap to make that they became available at mass market prices by leveraging digitized design, manufacturing, and distribution systems. This new computer-driven world of manufacturing and distribution became essential to the success. Digitization also impacts all aspects of the arts, entertainment, business, and society, and it’s crucial to how products are designed, manufactured, and distributed. It’s essential to how consumers gather and share…show more content…
However, this act was not well received. (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009). One approach that can be used to manage resistance to change is education. Educating the employee’s as to the reasons for the change can result in less resistance. Communication is another key element for the resistance to change. If the change and the process is communicated effectively then the employee’s will understand their role in this change and what is expected from them in order for this process to go smoothly. And finally, understanding. You must understand the confusion and the feelings of your employee’s and the resistance that you might encounter in order to develop a counter plan in the event that the resistance actually takes place. You cannot force to much to hard or the resistance will only damage the company and the change will not be successful. When implementing change, managers must act as change agents. By definition, change agents are the catalysts that ensure the change process flows from one phase to the next until the change becomes permanent. Change agents possess an ability to motivate others, exhibit strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, confidence, and an ability to derive ideas from variable sources of input. Organizational leaders should look for these characteristics when assigning responsibility for managing the change process.
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