Case Study : Proctor And Gamble

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1. Executive summary A company that has an industry of over eighty-five billion dollars, and makes households, and personal items is Proctor and Gamble. It first began as a soap and Candle Company that has expanded into six divisions with selling of baby wipes to batteries. Being an industrial leader in the market shares, it has deep issues on social responsibility, and believes in giving back to the neighborhood. Here are some of the main strategies and potential issues that a company looks at as a whole. The company has outlined internal strategies, and external weakness along with its opportunity, and growth of both internal strategies, and its extreme weaknesses that face the company. According to Zangenehpour, (2013). States that the company also has an eye on the future potential money flows, along with out lining two different strategies believed to help the company expand. 2. The Company William Proctor, and James Gamble, started a business in eighteen-thirty-seven, which made soaps, wax candles, and was located in Cincinnati Ohio. About nineteen-thirty the business has offered soap along with establishing their first subsidiary, and was called The International Thomas Dedly, and Sons, the company is located in the United Kingdom. The hair care business started around nineteen-thirty-three with Drene, and which was a detergent based on shampoo, and grew to its international presence. Acquisitions of the Philippine companies
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