Case Study : Quantum Dynamics Inc.

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Quantum Dynamics Inc. is a SBA Certified Woman-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business headquartered in Macon, GA with regional offices in McLean, VA, Fort Gordon, GA, Huntsville, AL, and Fayetteville, NC. Our core competencies are Cyber Security, Training, Information Technology, and Logistics. We have 15 years in business, are a successful graduate of the 8a program, and provide solutions that are innovative, efficient and resourceful. We find ways to achieve more with less; to consolidate while modernizing; simplify while reengineering; and centralize while upgrading services for the entire enterprise. We have about 200 highly skilled and trained employees and follow ISO 9001 standards and have a DCAA certified accounting systems with a President who is a CPA. 2: WHAT WE DO: We provide a select range of cybersecurity services, including  We Train Cyber Security professionals from basic- graduate levels with commercial and DOD entities  Penetration Testing  Red Team Assessment  Audit Assessment and Support  Risk Assessment  Vulnerability Assessments  Cyber Security Training (Entry- Graduate level) All within DFARS 252.204-7012 compliance audits Quantum strives to provide quality and reliable deliverables that your organization can use to ensure that your organization’s information systems are thoroughly protected from outside and inside sources. Our employees put all of their focus and energy into gathering the right company data and analyzing

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