Case Study Questions On Corporate And Personal Obligations

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Case Study Answers Case 1 Corporate and personal obligations are known to greatly overlap. An emphasis on one of the above obligation neglects the other. However, we can fuse both personal and corporate obligation to arrive at an informed decision. Meeting the demands and satisfaction desires of customers is a daunting task, but one that I cannot evade as a customer service representative for a US aircraft manufacturer plant in Sunrise, Fl. Unfortunately our new plane the fabulous 300 has two problems that customers are complaining about. The first being the baggage compartment door that opens in flight and the brakes that becomes very spongy after a very hard rain. Furthermore the plant laid off union employees that were in the maintenance department that worked in the second shift. I am faced with a dilemma on whether to uphold my work ethics and corporate callings, or meet all the demands of the clients in line with their complaints, the latter being complex since there is no financial support from the company. The first issue I have to handle by working under the customer representative department, I have to take care of all the customers’ complaints, with no financial support from the company. It is my obligation to safeguard my client’s safety and interests. Under the corporate obligation, I am mandated to raise an alarm on the loose baggage door and the spongy brakes conditions. However, my corporate obligation restricts my power on the engineering methods (use of
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