Case Study Questions On Malaysia Airlines

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The objective of this report is to identify the problems that Malaysia Airlines brand faced and to provide solutions for the problem.
Background Information
Malaysia Airlines is the flag carrier of Malaysia and a major airline industry that was born on 12 October 1937 (Rise of an Airline, 2014). Their first commercial flight was ten years later on 2 April 1947 as the national airline from British Strait Settlements to Kuala Lumpur (“Telekom Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines Synergize Business Relationship”, 2007). In the past, Malaysia Airlines have changed their brand name and logo a couple of times. However in 1972, they changed their brand name to Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), which was, know today. Malaysia airlines have a lot of reputable achievements awarded by Skytrax UK (Rise of an Airline, 2014).
The scope of this report is centered around the problems Malaysia Airlines are facing lately and how they could reposition and rebrand their company. The data are collected from various sources such as journal articles, news articles, and textbook. The time frame of the report revolves around 2012 to 2014. The focus of the report would address solutions for Malaysia Airlines Company to overcome their problems.
Data used to compile this report are secondary data found through research online, databases from Monash Library, and as well as the textbook.
The data used are accurate and from credible sources. However, it is…
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