Case Study Questions On Management Accounting

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AAF001-6 Financial Analysis
Assessment 2 – Management accounting written assignment
NEXT Plc Case

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May 2016

1. Introduction 3
2. Background 3
3. Review of management accounting 4
4. The key management accounting techniques and methods for NEXT Plc 5
4.1 Planning and Budgeting: 5
4.2 Balance scorecard 5
4.3 Cost-volume-analysis 5
5 The analysis’s strengths and weaknesses 6
5.1 Strengths 6
5.2 Weaknesses 6
6 Conclusion 7
References 8

1. Introduction
Management accounting in the recent days plays a crucial role in organizations. In other words, innovative developments and the current growth of projected universal values have led management accounting into a huge attention. Therefore, this report is to explain how management accounting can supply information to assist the management of NEXT Plc. In this report, I will firstly talk about the NETX Plc’s background in order to reveal what kind of problems that theyare facing so later on, the decision-making can be made regarding to the key techniques and methods recommended. Also, a review of management accounting will be stated following with the analysis’s strengths and weaknesses.
2. Background
As a British multinational clothing and footwear retailer, NEXT Plc has its headquarter in Enderby, Leicestershire. Recently, the numbers of NEXT stores are around 700 with 502 stores located in the UK and Ireland and the rest are located in Asia, Middle East and the Eurozone. NEXT Plc is…
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