Case Study Questions On Nutritional Labeling

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Case 1.1 Fresh Impressions – Nutritional Labeling
Question 1: After reading through the problems Fresh Ideas is experiencing, it can be determined that Fresh Impressions has established a need for information. However, Stead has not put into words what the objectives are and what information is needed to meet these objectives. Stead should be asked questions such as: who is the competition for Fresh Impressions? Are competitors using nutritional labeling? What products are not selling well for Fresh Impressions? Do customers currently request nutritional information? Asking these questions could determine that the project objectives are: 1. Determine which Fresh Impressions products would increase sales with added nutritional labels, 2.
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Determine what percentage of consumers have a positive response to readily available nutritional information, and 3. Determine manner Fresh Impressions should display and report to consumer’s new nutritional information. Alternatives to research including: introduce a new product, change Fresh Impressions packaging, introduce new advertising (commercials, print ads, radio).
Middle America Research has been providing customers will the solid research and success since 1929. Pricing is competitive and results are guaranteed. Middle American Research has currently had success with Kroger, Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods. The company knows the market exceptionally well and can provides dates and references from other projects on request.
Overall, this research project will reveal how consumers can/want to use nutritional information. This is only to be used for Fresh Impressions marketing department. The estimated total budget is $5,500. Breakdown includes: Salaries/Labor - $2,200 (this is salaries of those developing research methods, implementing methods, and analyzing data), Survey Technology - $800, Billed Time and Expense - $2,000 (time and materials to implement project), Unexpected - $500. The project will be conducted over a time period of six months.
Question 5: If Martinez is assigned to this study, what are the issues he should consider when selecting the research sample? What are your recommendations
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