Case Study: Raising Capital in Switzerland

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Case Study: Raising Capital in Switzerland Angel PinaHardin ACCU 615 July 10, 2013 Brandman University Case Study: Raising Capital in Switzerland E-Centives Inc. is a company based in Bethesda, Maryland with offices in Redwood City, New York and Los Angeles. The company is a leading on-line direct marketing company 4.4--million account members (Choi & Meek, 2011). The organization wants to expand into foreign markets and considers the Swiss Exchange to help meet its financial needs. Introduction This paper will discuss the case study of organization e-Centives Inc. In particular, it will discuss the factors that are relevant to e-Centives Inc.’s decision to raise capital and list on the Swiss Exchange’s New Market. It will…show more content…
S. Stock Exchange. According to the Swiss Exchange, all participants of the exchange are to the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading Act (SESTA) core provisions, rules and requirements for stock exchanges, including: “requirements for setting up and operating stock exchanges, rules for professional trading in securities and povisions relating to the Takeover Board” (SIX Swiss Exchange, 2013). Additionally, participants must be authorized securities traders or foreign securities exchange member pursuant to SESTA, fulfil organisational, accounting and auditing requirements and comply with the rules and directives of SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX Swiss Echange, 2013). Compared to the complex, detailed listing and reporting requirements of the U. S. Stock Market, entering to the Swiss Exchange is simple. Additionally, the Swiss Exchange has a large, well-developed capital market and investors with which to assist in raising capital. The reputation of the Swiss Exchange precedes itself. The Swiss Exchange is known for providing a high quality, efficient trading community with deep centuries old traditions of exchange. Finally, because of the traditions and reputation of the Swiss Exchange, listing on the New Market would fit together with the company’s possible expansion into Switzerland as well as Germany and the UK by giving it a more developed profile. No U. S. Equity There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing not

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