Case Study : Rational Emotive Behavior

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The purpose of this paper is to find to proper theory for the case study. The theory will help the counselor to determine which treatment will fit best for the case study. The theory that will be used in this case study is Rational Emotive Behavior. The theory will help with depression and anxiety. Client will be able to have rational belief in their daily life.
The concept of the theory that makes it the most appropriate for the client in the case study is Rational Emotive Behavioral. According to Nielsen, Ridley, and Johnson “REBT also bears a strong theoretical affinity with some religions because of its preferred therapeutic goal of helping clients examine and change their beliefs.” Therefore, Rational Emotive Behavior will help Ana not to feel depressed or anxious. It will help Ana with unhealthy feelings and behaviors. Rational Emotive Behavioral will help Ana identify the unwanted behavior and help her feel better. The frame work of Rational Emotive Behavior assumes that individuals have rational and irrational tendencies. Irrational are thoughts that prevent from meeting the goals. Irrationals are also thoughts that lead to conflict and to unhealthy behavior. A rational thought leads to accomplishing goals that lead to success. Ana is currently depressed and anxious and the rational emotive behavior will help Ana with the irrational tendencies she is experiencing.
This theory was chosen over the other theories, because Ana is currently suffering from…
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