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In this case, Red Bull Australia imports and sells on to Cadbury Schweppes which then sells to vendors in its network. Using an existing distribution network of a partner in certain countries helps Red Bull reduce quite a lot of distribution costs and quickly spread its sales in a new country. Red Bull uses its own way to set up the distribution network in the new markets by targeting small distributors who often become exclusively Red Bull distributors. Red Bull even hired teenagers and students, giving them vans to distribute the product. Small independent venues are also the first targets. Red Bull would find the small bars, restaurants and stores and give them a small cooler from which to sell beverage. 2.3 Commitments Barriers to Red Bull business can be placed in some countries. For instance, Denmark and France are countries where Red Bull is not allowed to sell its products. In some countries may set the barriers to prevent their home companies doing the same business by slowing down the process of granting the business licence to Red Bull. 2.4 Currency Red Bull is selling their products in over 130 countries over the world. Any change in the exchange rate in each country will result in the total revenue of Red Bull. Pricing also is influenced by

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