Case Study : Regional Medical Centre Essay

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Case Study The subject case study is the Regional Medical Centre which is based in San Jose and offers primary and speciality healthcare services for people from the bay area and nearby areas. Being a healthcare entity for patients with chronic illnesses, this institution is also the university support for the nearby medical college. The business intelligence balanced scorecard which was incorporated in the system is as tabulated below: Customer perspective Economic and financial perspective Customer satisfaction grades Revenues for services Point of service surveys Costs for services Complaints/feedbacks Units of service provided Waiting time for first visit Innovation and growth perspective Operations perspective Healthcare market share of region Length of patient stay Associate surveys Employment rate Rate of technological obsolescence Resources utilisation rate % fee from new programmes launched Denial rate (admits and days) Average number of patients referring hospital Patient satisfaction index The business intelligence balanced scorecard as shown above was developed to help execute the strategy which was focused on product leadership and sustained customer (patients) relationships to increase the hospital’s market share. In this model, more emphasis has been given to the customer perspective which was the core focus area. Customer satisfaction is gauged from the clinical and related operational processes that are needed for ensuring utmost convenience
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