Case Study Report On Chocolate

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1.1 Introduction About the Internship

As per the Master of Business Administration course structure of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Belagavi each student has to undergo an Internship Training in the 4th semester of their course for period of 12 weeks under the mentorship of an external guide in a reputed company. At the end of internship period, the student has to submit the internship report to the VTU, Belagavi. This period will be evaluated internally and externally.

This internship period is an initiative to bridge to the knowledge and application. This will provide an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in to practical. By working with organization employees, we will come to know the organizational culture, behavior, etc. theoretical knowledge which is gained in the class room becomes the base for all the real
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This growth is largely fueled by the increased global demand for premium chocolate. The major developing countries such as China and India are expected to offer great opportunities to the global chocolate industry; thanks to the use of chocolate as a functional food. Organic and fair trade chocolate is a rapidly growing segment of the industry. With consumers developing more awareness regarding environment-friendly products, this segment is expected to rise rapidly in the next five years. One of the major concerns for the chocolate industry is the rising number of counterfeit products. This is a great threat for the overall confectionery market and chocolate is no exception.

The global chocolate market is highly consumer driven and companies need to focus on their development and marketing strategies towards capturing a larger consumer base, and acquiring new markets. The major strategies used are consolidation of processes, and enhancement of brand image through corporate social

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