Case Study Report for Cisco System, Inc. Implementing Erp

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Case Study Report for Cisco system, Inc. Implementing ERP

Team Members: Nick Qiao, Ginger Yang, Cynthia Lai, Wellington Chou

BACKGROUND * Cisco Company
Cisco was set up in 1984 and developed into one of the top companies in the world. Its main business was related to the network which remained in IT industry. In this industry, the competition was fierce. Cisco faced competition from rivals such as 3Com, Nortel, Lucent etc. To strengthen its market position, Cisco integrated the strong spirit of innovation in both technology and management which represented the value of Silicon Valley. The talents in Cisco can be addressed as IT expert and elite as Cisco itself was attractive enough for the young and smart. As we mentioned above, the
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At $15 million, the project would constitute the single largest capital project ever approved by the company. The project emerged as one of the company’s top seven goals for the year. Top management support is critical because top managers have to make fast and effective decisions, resolve conflicts, bring everyone to the same thinking to promote company-wide acceptance of the project, and build co-operation among the diverse groups in the organization. * Choosing Partners
Cisco needed strong partners consistent with the need for a strong Cisco team. Solvik chose KPMG as the integration partner which could assist in both the selection and implementation of whichever solution the company chose. Meanwhile, KPMG had great technical skills and business knowledge, which was building a practice of people that were very experienced in the industry.
Randy Pond, a director in manufacturing and eventual co-leader of the project, recalled that size was an issue in the selection, because they should not put Cisco’s future in the hands of a company that was significantly smaller than they were.
Cisco provided sample data by visiting a series of reference clients offered by each vendor and selected Oracle between two candidates based on a variety of factors:
First, this project was being driven pretty strongly by manufacturing and Oracle had a better manufacturing capability than the other vendor. Second, they made a number of

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