Case Study : Retail Management Final Assignment

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Retail Management Final Assignment MKT 466 Dr. Doss Omar AL-Rizaiqi For my evaluation final assignment given by our Retail Management class, I decided to tackle the Target Store located at “10101 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33172 United States” as it is near my house. In order for me to successfully tackle this assignment I will need to visit the store and really open my eyes to what the store offers and how each layout, design and visual work together. I would need to evaluate it as the eyes of the customer. Target Stores is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart. Personality affects the store’s image. The presence of a brand ensures that the concept has been realized. The Target Store are very…show more content…
They are spacious and not too crowded with merchandise thus showing a clear message to anyone viewing them. The store also frequently changes these display from time to time to indicate that there is up to date merchandise available in the store. The store uses a color lighting that is very significance to the impression of their customers to the products on the shelves. They have attractive colors (the famous red and white) that cause people to stop and experience what the store offers. The color combination between the walls and the floor covering creates an atmosphere that is friendly to the customers. They use warm colors that are attractive and can shape the interest of the customers towards the products. The store makes use of well air-conditioning and appeared quite aesthetic in its own way. The Target Store uses high fixtures. Target makes use of primary gondolas and pegboard to make sure that they can maximize the dollar per square foot. The techniques in displaying merchandise make it pop. There is a power wall where the store advertises it merchandise. The store takes advantage of advertising to market its services and products. It also displays special offers that also come with it. It has an e-commerce advertisement that allows it to broaden its market scope. The store has a bright display of signs that directs the customers on what item
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