Case Study Review of Accenture

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Running head: CASE STUDY REVIEW OF ACCENTURE Case Study Review of Accenture's Global Knowledge Management System Joseph M. Mitchell University of Maryland University College Identification Accenture is one of the world's largest management consultancies, employing over 75,000 people in 48 countries with net revenues in excess of 11.8 billion (Paik & Choi, 2005). The company operates in a highly competitive global business environment with firms such as McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group and, in the area of information technology (IT) outsourcing, competes with companies like IBM, CSC and EDS (Paik & Choi, 2005). As a major global player, Accenture's business environment has also been transformed by contemporary shifts in the global…show more content…
Accenture has been able to use fewer staff in these roles partly because technological improvements have meant that there is less need for manual intervention (Paik & Choi, 2005). Nevertheless, it was conceded that staffing this analytical knowledge management function with experienced and relatively senior staff represented a major resource commitment by the company to KM. As a result of the scale of investment, Accenture has been perceived as a KM leader in industry. Analysis The case study maintains that despite Accenture's significant efforts and vast resources, the company was unable to effectively harness and transfer knowledge across its global organization (Paik & Choi, 2005). The authors and I both concur that the heart of the organization's problem had little to do with the technology being used or the KM professionals involved, but rather can be traced to a few very critical elements that appeared to have been overlooked in the firm's global KM strategy (Paik & Choi, 2005). I further believe that the company's "one global firm" vision did not adequately address the cultural and motivational complexities associated with KM in a global context and failed to create the ‘knowledge sharing culture' that would have insured global participation required for this venture to be completely successful. The case study
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