Case Study : Riding The Tide Of Technology Without Wiping Out

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Case Study: ELOANDOCS: Riding the Tide of Technology without Wiping Out Name: Srikar Chintala. Zid : Z1788560. 1. Should eLoanDocs continue with their current model of designing, building, and managing their own computer hosting infrastructure using their co-location partners? The eLoanDocs firm is currently having a model of designing, building, and managing their computer hosting infrastructure using their co-location partners. Some of their co-location partners include; the branches in Seattle and Cleveland which help in the ensuring that the business for this enterprise is successful. The eLoanDocs company should continue with their model because it does not face stiff competition it only needs to advance by integrating with the…show more content…
Security is another considered factor because customers want a secured cloud hosting. Scalability should be factored whereby the hosting should allow scalability on demand. Reliability whereby the cloud hosting to be selected should be reliable in case of power losses and outbreaks data can be retained to avoid losses. 4. Will eLoanDocs’ customers—with their focus on data security—accept a cloud-based solution? If so, to what degree? And how many customers would accept some form of cloud-based solution? Many of the eLoanDocs ' clients have their focus on security and more especially the financial institutions and big companies like Apple. They will accept the cloud-based solution because in some of the solutions there is an enhanced scalability, for instance, it allows for data to be stored based on the demand and the data size. However, there is a limit on acceptance based on the security level of their information with them wanting the software that will promote a 100% security. Some of the customers such as financial institutions and small organizations will accept the cloud-based solutions, unlike the larger companies. 5. If customers do accept one of the cost-saving cloud services solutions, what barriers exist to prevent new competitors from rapidly entering the market and eroding eLoanDocs’ market share? When clients accept one of the cost-saving
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